Engineering in the Pandemic

How the Coronavirus disease has affected engineering and manufacturing


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The Dark side of VOCs

The emissions of VOCs into the enviorment can be scary no matter what circumstances are occuring in the world.

The Pandemic Innovates

With social distancing in place, one might think it would be harder to procure prescriptions. This new contraption will prove the opposite.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Manufacturing

The world needs more PPE - here's how companies responded.

Mission to Mars

The world is currently under lockdown as a result of the pandemic. What's happening in space?

The Heavy Weight of Aluminum

The processing of aluminum has harmful byproducts, that if not properly handled, can be deadly.

Poetry through Past Pandemics

Soar on the wings of time, exploring different takes on pandemics through the universal lens of poetry.

A Pandemic Through Music

The fear, panic, and uncertainty felt from the pandemic left many people searching for outlets. Tune in to discover how lyrical expression portrayed the challenges society faced in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Economic Effects on Engineering

The COVID-19 has impacted not just the health of people, but the health of engineering and manufacturing companies, from extreme unemployment to alterations in production.

An Artistic Approach

Art has long been a form of expression; political cartoons are no different. How have artists displayed their perspective around the dire need for an increased supply and distribution of masks & vaccines?

A Series of Fortunate Events in Engineering History

What do you consider to be the most important advancements in engineering history? On this timeline, we explore all the major developments that have been made in both the manufacturing and aerospace industry and even discuss future developments.


During the Pandemic, everything has changed. The way we interact with others, the way we travel, and the way we perceive the world. But, there are other dangers in the world, moreover, this kind of pandemic is not the first to ever occur; many have happened throughout history. Like before, we will get through this once again.

Interview with Jerry Hinkle

Jerry Hinkle prior to retiring, used to work as an electrical engineer. Throughout his career he primarily worked hands-on to learn how to do his job.

Interview with Nancy Brown

Prior to working as an engineering teacher at CAMS, Nancy Brown worked as a civil engineer with a construction company. To get that job, she got her bachelor for Civil Engineering at Oklahoma State University.

Interview with Joseph Carpenter

Joseph Carpenter during his time working as an engineer, he did a lot of contract work for the army and the airforce. For a lot of those years, Joseph Carpenter worked part time at CAMS and would eventually go full-time as a CTE teacher for CAMS.

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